Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blade BL480 / BL642

Brand: Ninja
Model 4406KKU495ME
MPN: 431KKU480, 3880K642IS, 3932K480IS, 4331KKU498IS
Bar code 622356241007
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Original Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blade BL480 / BL642

** Please check the device model before ordering the item **

Suitable for models
BL484 BL450 DB751A BL582 BL454Q CT682SP NN210C NN101 CT680W NN210 AMZ012BL NN102 NN100A BL480 NN100 BL2013 BL481 BL2012 BL482 BL480D BL456 BL486CO BL487 BL492 BL492W BL487Q BL487A BL488W BL493 BL494 BL490 BL494C BL642 BL642Z BL641 BL642W BL687CO BL642W1 BN801 BL640 BL680 BL680A BL682W CT640C CT680SS BL910 CT641 CT680CO2SS BL682 CT680SSCCO CT680 BL491 CT680A BN503 BN498 BN503IS

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