Tefal Actifry Paddle SS-990596

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קוד מוצר: SS-990596
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ברקוד: 1500990596
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  The Tefal Actifry Paddle SS-990596 fits Tefal’s most popular Actifry models. Actifry fryers use geninue parts that are specifically designed for the Actifry. This Actifry paddle makes a great replacement part, for damaged or broken paddles. The Actifry paddle mixing blade and seal works perfectly with the Actifry Gourmand FZ7000, the Actifry AL8000, the Actifry Plus GH8000. The paddle is detachable, has a non-stick coated surface, and it is dishwasher safe. The Actifry paddle also fits other Tefal Actifry models as well as listed below ... Fit List: ACTIFRY - AL8000, AL8001, AL8002, AL8010, AL8040, AL8060, AL8062 ACTIFRY - FZ7000, FZ7001, FZ7002, FZ7010, FZ7050, FZ7060, FZ7062, FZ7072 ACTIFRY - GH8000, GH8002, GH8060, GH8061, GH8062, GH806B ACTIFRY SNACKING - AL8070, FZ7070, FZ7072, GH8070, GH8072

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