FC8044 (פילטר HEPA)

יצרן: פיליפס
דגם FC8044
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ברקוד 432200039090
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Guarantees optimal filtrationReplacement HEPA filter for Philips Vision, Mobilo and City Line vacuum cleaners to protect from allergic reactions by removing 99.97% of dust particles down to 0.0003mm in size.High-quality filtering material•HEPA filter offers optimal filtering performancePerfect fit•The filter fits perfectly in the vacuum cleaner •Replacement filter for: FC8700 - FC8740, HR8700 - HR8999, FC8600 - FC8619, HR8500 - HR8599, FC8438, FC8436, FC8429, FC8428, FC8408, HR8374•Number of exhaust filters: 1

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