BeaterBlade® KA-6L

דגם KA-6L
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Fit to:  Professional 6 & 600, Deluxe, Epicurean: KD2661X, KP2671X, KP26M1XKP26M8X, KB26G1X, KL26M8X, KT2651X, KP26N9XProfessional 5-Plus: KV25GOX, KV25G8X, KV25HOX Secure and lock mixing bowl. Attach BeaterBlade®. Raise bowl into locked position and test scraping action with soft butter…blades may skip when dry. If needed, lower the mixing bowl and use the height adjustment screw (B) to fine tune blade-to-bowl contact. Clockwise lowers the Bowl (1/8 turn at a time to decrease contact) Counterclockwise raises the Bowl (1/8 turn at a time to increase contact)  Add ingredients on the left side, facing the machine, aiming for the center of the bowl. Always add flour slowly on Stir. Never use sharp objects on BeaterBlade. If motor slows when adding flour, increase speed 1 level at a time. Top Rack dishwasher safe, place on rung upside down. Use bottle brush to clean inside the neck.** Never use sharp objects on body or blades **
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